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Sunday, January 3, 2010

I really need to blog more, Also a speedy update

Yeah i have been absolutely lazy and uninspired lately. Speedy the duck had a little setback and is doing a weird thing where he twist his neck around . It may be because this is how he is comfortable but I am not sure. My girlfriend thinks I am spending too much time with the duck but he is so innocent an lovable and there is a little guilt about leaving him by himself during the day.

I really do need to step up the job search and she is probably correct in that I have been using him(speedy as an excuse.) I think ,and I hate to say it I have a little bit of depression going on and part of it is the Empathy I have for my little ducks situation. The picture above was prior to his head turning. I think he may have scratched his eye and is protecting it , but with the trauma when he was young it could also be something neurological. Hopefully not.
So I still have an actually Secret Project and my girlfriend who is absolutely not supportive of some of my crazy ideas think this is a good idea. I have been working out the details using Freemind. If you are a venture capitalist willing to sign a non-disclosure/non-compete , I would love to talk to you.
Ok, that is my update for now and I promise I will try to blog more in 2010

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