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Sunday, January 27, 2008

I miss Jim The cat

Jim the cat was originally a nuisance when I lived in Worcester. He would sneak in if you left the door open and hide on the floors where people did not know he was. After I had left the upstairs neighbor ,Cassie, was looking for a home for him. I had seen jim for 2 years on edgeworth st .Never thought about taking him in until Cassie asked. I had moved back in with Mom so we also set up a room for Jim. My nephew and I have become very attached since his arrival in November. The first time my Mother let him out he was missing 2 1/2 day . He came back in the middle of the night lookingmeowing and looking for food. Everyone loved Jim He hated to be picked up and was very vocal about letting you know that. He loved to be patted though he would walk under your hand and almost demand it if you were sitting on the chair.
We have put up posters and walked the streets calling his name but jim has been missing since November 22nd We have not actually found him so there is still hope that maybe he has snuck into someone else house or garage. I hope for the best but fear the worst and I am deeply saddened by his mysterious disappearance.

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