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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Arizona Sunshine

Ok so recently I have been looking for more opportunities to blog. I decided I had been a member of for a long time and really had not done anything with it. I just recently saw a opportunity to write about Arizona.
First off I have Driven through Arizona 3 time. The weather there was always pleasant warm but a nice dry heat, not like when it gets too warm here in Massachusetts and the humidity is through the roof. I have always told friends I would love to move back there . Two of my friends had lived there for about 10 years there only reall complaint was " if you are working outside in the summer it might not be the nicest place but if you like outdoor recreation like jet skiing, it is the place to be.
I definitely would love to go back there this fall and go horseback riding near the mountains. I hear it gets a little cold at night but it is definitely not Massachusetts when it comes to cold. Maybe I will get Lucky and the Arizona Tourism board will fly me out there to blog about how nice he weather is.

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