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Saturday, April 25, 2009

It is summer again ( Starbucks, Marlborough, Ma Rt. 20 westside)

I can't get Bytescout Post2blog to work so I am going to try Zinio . I signed up a million years ago but I got used to Post2Blog. I am sure you all know how that is . It of course has a lot to do with my Blog Laziness. If I was blogging more often ten I would probably be trying more programs to see which I like best.

So I went to the Star buck's nearest my house this morning and it was packed . Yes it probably would have been better for people watching but there was nowhere to sit. and yes that one has outdoor tables where all the women wearing clothes that are maybe a little too light for today were sitting out in the sun. I opted for the more Commuter Starbuck's on the far side of town .I could ave went to the Southborough or Westborough Starbuck's for a change but I am a bit of a creature of habit. Not too discount this Starbuck's . The women who wok here are usually friendlier and prettier then the Main st . Starbuck's. There is a more constant flow of Yummy Mommy's here because there is a gym in the same plaza. There is one girl here today and I just caught her staring at me . She has big Geek glasses on , an Apple computer and is wearing a tube top sun dress . While I was sitting here she was playing with her hair, has been rubbing her neck and put her glasses on her head and stared into space so I could see her profile. She is now leaning unnaturally forward so I can see her cleavage. If that is not some subconscious signals than I am not sure what is.

Ok an Asian woman that was maybe all of 4 foot 6 inches just walked in she is not unattractive but what has me looking at her is an unnaturally large chest we are talking double D's maybe E's . It is a bit strange on a woman that small if they are natural I would be surprised.

Ok so my blogwriting when I am just doing something freeform is not so bad. I really need to get some discipline though to write about subjects. I should assign myself something and just research and write about it all week. I could look for an online writing academy. I think what I really need is a sponsor . Not only to write about their product but to maybe direct my writing, not to mention having some extra money.

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