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Sunday, August 9, 2009

I usually dont Reblog other stuff but this was so interesting I had to

What Is Your Motivation To Blog

⊆ August 6th, 2009 by Work At Home |  big-competitors-motivationBlogging needs continuous support from frequent content creation, link building, search engine optimization, creativity, new ideas, and more. What exactly keep us blogging? Finding a right motivation to blog is very important for a blog survival. Usually, if our main goal is to make money from blogging, we may give up blogging pretty soon. It happened to me too. Initially, I have started 6 blogspot blogs with one aim; make money from blogs. But, I have quit blogging right after 3 months since I can’t earn enough money for the time invested to maintain all 6 blogs.
To enjoy blogging, we need to have other goal setting than money. A goal can be anything like gaining new rss subscribers, increase page rank or Alexa ranking. Or, increase visitors referred from search engines with massive SEO works. Probably, writing one post every single day that is related to your niche. Maybe, share our experience in our work field. Any goals that are not money concern will eventually help us to run blog for long term. Blogging something in our work or interest area could help keep the blog alive.
I’m sure many of you have seen abandoned blog after few years of frequent posts. Search engines and backlinks still delivers traffic to this great blogs but it is not active anymore.

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