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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Solomon Pond Mall ( Marlborough , Mass)My Rant and why you MUST love your mother no matter how crazy she is.

So I have not been blogging for a while . There has been a lot of "stuff" going on dealing with mom and her whole denying the whole Bi-polar thing. She is not really bad but getting her to throw stuff out or give it away is liking trying to get a 2 year olds blankie away from them. It is a bit tiring. She has the impulse control of a 2 year old also. when she goes down the aisle in the grocery alley she jus buys random stuff. We have about 25 cans of tomato past at the house, Innumerable boxes of crackers, and 2 full size refrigerators and 1 full size freezer stuffed full of food. I have been convincing her to throw out a lot of outdated stuff. a lot of times her response is " I’ll still eat it. " This from a woman that is overweight and has diabetes. Another of her excuses is " my father would do that" meaning of course my grandfather, he didn’t . Puppy/Grandpa Abe/ her father was pretty meticulous with food. His office looked like a bomb had exploded in it but the refrigerator and storage room /pantry he had in the basement were almost obsessively organized. With canned food and anything that went on the shelves in the pantry area there was a date put on it and when it was refilled the older " stock was brought forward. If you went downstairs to get green beans you knew that the front can was the oldest and that there were only 4 cans if that is what you saw. They would not be on another shelf. My mothers kitchen in comparison has a random collection of assorted canned goods all in a pile in a cabinet under the counter. If you are looking for corn niblets , you may or may not find them . They are in there or in a bag on the floor that she has not put away. The other day I decided to make a Tuna melt .She said "you better replace that there is only 1 can left. I told her there are at least 7-8 cans of tuna, I proceeded to dig out 14 cans of tuna with very little searching from under the counter. That is another thing about my mother and her lack of impulse control, she buys all this food which gets wasted but GOD FORBID any one besides her actually use it. Her favorite line that she parrots all the time is " why don’t you replace some of the stuff you eat" . That is exactly what I am trying not to do. I am trying to use the stuff and empty the refrigerator and full size freezer. I have not even told you what the conters are like that is a whole different story. OK NOW HERE IS THE FUNNIEST PART. Her solution is when she sells the summer camp in New Hampshire she wants to redo the kitchen ,add more cabinets, she thinks that is the solution. Throwing out old stuff and buying food for one not an army is not the solution. Hiding the old food so she does not have to look at it is.

SO I am going to stop my rant and hopefully next time my blogging will be a little calmer.

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