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Friday, November 14, 2008

Relationships the Mall and just how stupid I am Starbuck atthe Solomon Pond. Mall( Marlboro, Ma)

I think I was just hit on. A women close to my age , which is not young came over and made a comment her body language kind of suggested she wanted to talk to me but as I have pointed out in the past I am a Signals dummy. I once had a divorcee say to me after I had babysat her kids , because my sister was busy, say to me " why don’t you come over some time and have a glass of wine with me" It took me three years to "get it" and I don’t mean sex. This women explained in detail ,while she was half drunk after coming home from a party, the sexual indiscretion she had walked into between her husband and at the time best friend. This while sitting next to me in a too tight, look at this body after 3 kids business suit . How I did not notice it was a come on was beyond me. If I am babysitting for someone I don’t wanna sleep with the kid’s mom . It is a bit unprofesonal. She went on to marry her divorce lawyer , so I guess what is " unprofessional is all in the eyes of the beholder.

It is lunch Here at Starbucks. Remember mall employees don’t start work until around 9:30 so there lunch is a little later than others. I am still trying to figure out if I can stream video to my web page when I an at these wifi hotspots. I have noticed that the simon mall are now offering complimentary wifi. . I wonder what the range is. Hopefully it is operational in the food court.

I sometimes wish I was not a monogamous time of guy. I love women . My friend Charles Lightfoot works for Digital Desire it is a website started by J. Stephen Hicks a Penthouse photographer. He has somehow managed to find a girl ,not in the industry, that is okay with what he does for a living. I don’t know if I were doing that job, I of course would be a profesional, but I would find it hard to be a monogamous relationship . Like an ice cream store if all you have at home is vanilla you are at least going to look at what other flavors there are. it all depends on your will power to resist the alluring smell of the peppermint stick or Mocha ice cream.

So this week I did not write much . I was helping my mom who was very stressed by her new car purchase. I highly recommend NOT buying a car from Harr Toyota of Worcester, Massachusetts. I had to go back to get an inspection sticker twice because the salesperson had not gotten new plates to replace the worn ones on the car nor had they advised my mother to do so . It was only after driving there did we find that out. The inspection guy was very nice and explained ALL the other salespeople do it . It is only the Toyota salespeople he was having a problem with. I took the Harr license plate frames off the car and replaced them with Bernadi Toyota plate frames. This was the smallest of my complaints . Needless to say Harr toyota will not get any of my friends or my businesss and all servicing on my mothers car will be done at Bernadi Toyota

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