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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Back to the Beginning AKA the original reason why I started this BLOG

So I understand having a Blog is kind of an open forum to write your opinions feelings and general everyday stuff. I have strayed a bit from the original intention which was to get Donations,Sponsors, endorsements so that I can travel meet people and blog/vlog/podcast from the road. This is just a reminder to me and too others the dream is still there even though there are a lot of Naysayers . It will be incredibly difficult. I am going to list off the top of my head the types of sponsorships/endorsements that will be necessary.

1) A car. This is a biggy because how else would you drive around the United States. A Nissan Xterra or maybe a Toyota Urban runner/4 runner. I need something this big to pull the ....

2) Trailer. My dream as mentioned before is the Airstream Basecamp If I can’t get that trailer I am not sure because I don’t know if I even want/need a trailer along it is just that the Bascamp is so pretty.

3) Cameras and video equipment. My first thought was the big 2 ,Canon and Nikon. Then I started thinking SONY they have a lot more of the electronics I could use on the road. Along with video and still cameras they make....

4) Computers. I would need them to edit photos, video, and to entertain myself whe I am bored

Other sponsors;

A gas company. It will come in handy with the whole driving around the USA

A cellular company. You kind of need a phone while you are on the road.

A clothing company. you gotta wear something.

A motel chain. even with the camper you are gonna want to sleep indoors and take a shower when you can .

An online university. This may be an odd one but I would like to get a degree or two while I am on the road.

A couple of national or regional restaurant chains. Everyone has gotta eat.

I am sure there are a lot more I have not thought of but I will get to it .

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