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Monday, November 3, 2008

My vist to the"Hot Dog Truck"



I visited the HOT DOG TRUCK today based on Andrew from The Benspark’s review. It was a good as he said and better than Coney Island hot dogs in Worcester. I wish I had gone earlier because he starts cleaning up around 2:00 ish and the chili was already put away . He made me two different dog’s ,one with brown mustard and relish another with regular mustard and a different relish. Both were awesome they would have been good plain. Unlike other hot dog trucks these hotdogs taste fresh , not like they have been boiling all day. The onions and beer definitely make them different and taking the time to grill the bun’s, that is even better. When I had my store we used to go to Riley’s Roast Beef in Framingham. It is the only place whose hot dog’s are remotely close. The big difference being Riley’s dogs are grilled not steamed and any hot dog lover will tell you there is a major difference. I like both except usually steamed or boiled hot dogs that have casings have a "snap" . Some people like the "snap" , not me. That is why these hot dogs were so great they were cooked perfect and the "snap" was not there.

I may have to go to Wein-o-Rama in Cranston, R.I. it has been a long time since I have went down to Rhode island for Hot Weiners . For people who don’t know the difference, that is a whole other blog for me to write.

Thanks Hot dog man and thanks Andrew

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