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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Starbuck's ( Solomon Pond Mall ,Again), Benspark, and where I was this week.

I added a link to Starbuck’s on my blog. Maybe someone at their corporate location will realize how often I am at their store. I know their are people that come here 2-3 times a day for their coffee and snacks but they are not getting on the internet and wring about it. I, as you all know am just a poor blogger . My income is extremely limited and that is a bit of an understatement.

I would like to send a shout out the Andrew from The Benspark . He recently had a contest and I came in second place winning a USB watch from Edge Tech . I don’t get any money for linking to Drew’s sponsors but I figure a free USB watch deserves at least a little bit of LinkLove.

This Past week I was house sitting in Milton, Massachusetts. The guy whose son I drive to school was going to Stowe, Vermont. There were a few minor mishaps which my friend ,Suzanne said were attributed to nature and there was nothing I could do ,but I still feel a little bad. On my first day at their house there was a Great Blue Heron that landed in their pond. I chased it away and that seemed like the end . I did not see him until 2 days before I was leaving. I chased him and I am sure the neighbors are still talking about the crazy house sitter guy running across the field chasing a giant bird. The day after I left I found out the bird came back and got all or most of the koi in the pond. This time of year they are easy picking because it is so cold they are semi dormant. Maybe if they get some really big 40 pounders next year they will be too heavy for the Heron too lift.

The other "tragedy" was one of the tropical fish died. They said one had been sick but for some reason even though I fed them twice a day as instructed they always seemed aggressive as far as saltwater fish go . I awoke Sunday morning , my last day to a fish carcass in the water . Apparently if they sense weakness they attack. It is a bit funny because fish , for the most part have such a calming effect when you watch them.

While I was at their house it took me a while to find the password for the WIFI. I also looked at the time their as somewhat of a vacation ( ok I was just lazy) and didn’t blog about anything. They also had a steam room a jacuzzi and a rather large television to entertain me . My nephew came over and took a Shvitz. He was never in a steam room but got a little scared when the temperature said 106° he was in about 10-15 minutes so he could sweat out that Wendy’s Gourmet mushroom swiss burger.

If anybody wants to send me a digital camera for Christmas, I am not talking a 10 dolar walmart camera. I need something somewhat profesional . An SLR or medium format digital camera. Is that asking too much. SANTA are you reading this.

Maybe Canon, Nikon or Sony are reading this if Santa isn’t. Guy’s, Santa ,I promise I will blog everyday if you send me a digital camera for Christmas.

Ok off to work. Hopefully I will be more motivated next week

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