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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Ariba Coffee again ( hudson Ma)

The young funny girl from yesterday isn’t here and I am beginning to wonder if Hudson isn’t the new Northhampton . There appears to be a few lesbian couples milling about. Not that that is a bad thing, just strange.

My tuna melt although adequate is a lot like my sandwich yesterday . It is a Tuna Melt nothing more nothing less flavor is kinda bland . if you are not going to put a pickle beside the sandwich , maybe put some inside. add a little mustard to the mayo for a hint of flavor,something. The sandwiches are also suppose to be Panini sandwiches. It is called a panini press because you flatten the sandwiches. Again as yesterday a little olive oil or butter on the panini press would make a big difference. Don’t call it a panini unless you are gonna press the sandwich and butter/oil the press. It is kind of what makes it a tuna melt panini .

Man is this place dead in the afternoon . I know it is Hudson but there should be some kind of activity here other then the woman behind the counter cleaning. They really should get fountain soda and free refills like Panera. At least the people here would have a reason to stay and it might look busy.

I have been here for a good 3 hours . I am not sure how this place is staying in business the rent here must be super cheap. I may have to go somewhere else just so I can get more people watching done . there are very few here. Maybe they should have some kind of daily event/meeting it would definitely help drum p some business

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