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Monday, October 13, 2008

Arriba Coffee ( Hudson, Main st)

So I have driven by Arriba coffee many times but never thought of stopping in . The sign is in the same font and color as the Starbucks sign, the atmosphere/decor is a cross between Panera Bread .The tables are Starbucks, the gas fireplace and addition of an actual food menu more like Panera. The girl at the counter was super cute and friendly . The soup of the day eas some kind of tomato based soup and we discussed bad tasting vegetables. If you go here she doesn’t like brussel sprouts or mushrooms. Because it is a holiday there are a lot of school kids here . I got an Italian Panini sandwich it is definitely not as memorable as the girl behind the counter. A few things they could do to make it " more Italian". Brush the panini grill with olive oil before grilling the sandwich . Use giardini instead of just regular onions and peppers. It was a good sandwich just a plain sandwich. I wish one of these places that was doing Panini would do cuban sandwiches.

A super cute girl walked in with eyes like a Blythe doll and a body like a playmate


If you could picture a girl like this , Obviously her head would be smaller

I am tempted to go look at the history on the computer to see what she was working on. Is that too much like stalking. It is a public terminal and you should never do anything on a public terminal that you don’t expect other people to see..

What I should really do is try to be less shy. Maybe if I lose some weight . It is funny how confidence sometimes is based on looks

I have been here nearly three hours not all that big of a crowd except for just around lunch. Maybe I will try the morning breakfast crowd next time

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