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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Starbuck's Downtown Marlboro 6/24

An interesting girl was here when I first arrived . Small cute and confused. She was looking for Starbuck’s next to Julio’s which is Westborough not Marlboro. Also had a nice talk with a guy next to me about Pizza ,he used to own the Domino’s next door.

The hot girl behind the counter is talking about the fight she was in . Nothing sexier than a girl that brawls.

I always wonder why people ,like myself feel the need to go somewhere to type,read, look at the paper etc. I just people watching but others seem to be genuinely interested in their books like the engaged woman/girl in front of me. Others are doing their homework here , I can think of better places.

Very skinny geeky girl with the longest legs I have ever seen standing at the counter. she is probably 5’8" but he hips are literally a foot above my waist line. I do have very short legs.

It is now dead in here . A little late for lunch and to early for getting out of school. Busy again , what a difference 45 minutes makes. There is a blonde girl directly across from me if she lost 50 pounds she would be incredibly hot. You can see it in her face. Some women can gain weight and there face stays the same you can tell this woman was a hottie 1 or children ago.

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