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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Starbucks ( marlboro)

Lunch here on my " day off " kind of exciting . Cute redheaded girl who talks to herslf wearing a plaid skirt doing pre-calculus homework. would be nice if she wasn’t a little crazy.The girls have been walking in and out Marlboro is the new Cambridge. Ok not really . In cambridge the sidewalks are jumping and in boston there are beautiful girls everywhere.

Not only is the redhead talking to herself but she is singing to herself sounds like opera.Some (un) lucky guy is gonna get this girl . she is probably wild. ( make a bet she has tattoo’s but I would hate to see the breakup. She has a Southborough kind of feel about her.Sexy but she has " Crazy Eyes" . All you guys know what I am talking about. Ok she is now rubbing the cleavage near her necklace and looked directly at me when she did it . Maybe I am too shy. I really do need to Go to those PUA meetings. I just have absolutely no Game and no openers at all

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