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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

In order to get it done, just do it AKA my guide to geting it done

So I am not a blogger unless I am actually blogging. What does it really take ? One line here it is. Ok so what can I write about ?

1) The duck, Spēdy" Quack " Claxton. What can I do with him ? Can some one help watch him ? Does anyone know of a good home where they won't euthanize him. He really is quite lovable for a duck that can't walk

2) Photography, I went to school for it but I have never really dove into the digital side , which has me behind the eight-ball.I have just been so poor lately it is hard to keep up.

3) Jobs/ job hunting. I really need to find something that makes me happy. I know everyone in the world says that but I get very depressed watching my friends that are in California "working" 2 or 3 days a week in the photography field

4)My Girlfriend. Although I love watching women, I think my girlfriend is hot. I would have never met her if I didn't look at beautiful women. Is it a fault no. I think she understands it is part of who I am . I worked for a Playboy photographer in Los Angeles and what I learned is it really is inner beauty that makes a woman attractive . Ok , sure the fact the a woman( i.e my girlfriend) has a nice body made me look at her but I wouldn't have stayed if she didn't challenge me and make me think.

4) Blogging. I would love to make more money with it or work for a company that helps other bloggers achieve their goals/ dreams Ted Murphy if you are reading this. Hint, Hint. I will travel, move whatever.

5) Everyday life. Isn't that what blogging is really there for ? I would love to write a blog just for photography or just for moneymaking opportunities , or just about food but I think the other things I enjoy would seep in .

6) Other Bloggers . I will definitely email you back if you leave a comment on my blog even if it is just to say hi. WWW.BENSPARK.COM thank you for being my number 1 if not only fan. Oh BTW has WIFI and a beer. It may be a good location for a tweetup

Ok my work here for today is done because I need to continue on #3 on my list

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