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Monday, February 9, 2009

I haven't blogged in a while/ Damn you Best Buy

SO I finally go t my laptop back . Originally it went in because the power cord was a little wonky and the screen had become loose. The first time I got it back after waiting 3 weeks they had fixed the screen and replaced the screw under the keyboard that had caused the cascade effect of damage. I got it back and it still had the same power supply and the case was still coming apart( which apparently does not warrant a repair because it is cosmetic( even though it is essentially what caused the rest of the damage on the right side of the laptop. SO BESt BUY sent it back out again now mind you the "COST" of the repair which was covered by my PSP was $2200.00 Dollars. Yes the decimal is in the right spot TWENTY TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS to replace the screen. and they just needed the hinge the screen was fine.

After another two and a half weeks they called again to say the laptop was ready. I got there and they had replaced the Motherboard " because of he power issue" . OK go back to the beginning it had nothing to do with the motherboard, the power supply had a loose wire, it happens on something that get bounced around. . The cost again that was covered by my PSP was $685.00. so the total cost of the repair so far without the laptop actually being repaired has been $2885.00 . BEST BUY has ordered thepower supply/cord and will be ordering a new battery also ( you get one as part of the PSP) bringing the total cost to over $3000.00 dollars.

I hope nobody reading this has stock in BEST BUY . If they are spending 3000 dollars to repair a laptop worth about 200 dollars shortly they will have the same signs outside as CIRCUIT CITY.

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