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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Discipline- I don't have any( Starbucks Solomon Pond Mall

I was reading an article in Giant Magazine about Dwayne " The Rock" Johnson. The thing that most impressed me was his discipline. I guess fame and fortune just don’t happen. The thing I was most impressed about was his time management skills. When he is on a Movie set he will get up 2 hours before his call to go workout. I used to , when I owned a business, wake up at 4:40 every morning, go to the Gym, get back home, make breakfast, and be at work for 7:45 I would get home at around 7:00 or 8:00 and always be in bed by 10:00 o’clock at the latest.

Where did my discipline go ? Was it age or lack of motivation or women.

They distract me so easily Like the two beautiful ones at starbucks. There is a dark haired Brazilian mom , about forty at my 9 and a blond skinny mom outside the glass arguing on the phone with someone. Both are so hot I think it is melting my Frapucinno.I am sure my girlfriend knows I am obsessed with women also. I would never cheat I just don’t have it in me genetically.

So my first step with my discipline is that I am going to blog at least once a day. It can be one sentence but it needs to be something.

Second Step at least one picture with the camera on my phone. Yes it is the new Digital Lomography. I figure is fun and a little bit more discreet as far as public places. I would love a new digital camera. I actually have a 3 little keychain LOMO cameras. One actually has a tiny screen on the back. Until I get a good digital camera. I love film but for blogging it is a bit of work.

3rd step a tiny bit of exercise. More specifically walking. Maybe I will mall walk like the old people. I get shin splints and I really need to build up and stretch my leg muscles. I try massaging the muscles on the front of my leg and this helps a little. I used to walk at least 1 hour on the tread mill before I need to build up to that again. I have a Nordic track gathering dust. I may just have to pull that out also.

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