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Friday, October 31, 2008

The Local Starbucks( downtown Marlborough, Massachusetts) Behind Main street.

Most of My post are not in the evening. I am usually home and shouldn’t be tired, but I am . I really need to find something in addition to the "anchor job". There are school vacations coming up and these are times when I won't be working so I will not have any money. Christmas will be especially bad.In addition to that my starbucks/blogging habit is a little expensive. If anybody wants to send me Gift cards , I will be your best friend forever. Today I was reading The Benspark about The Hot Dog Truck . I MUST go there on Monday for lunch now. I pass by it all the time thinking, it is just a hot dog truck . The last one I went to I was sick for half the day after and I swore off the " hot dog trucks" . Apparently this one is very different . I am going by the review on The Benspark. I used to go to Weinerschnitzel all the time when I was in California. If only they would come out here. I would also like Popeye’s Fried Chicken and Auntie Annie’s Pretzels to go back on to the Mass Pike . I used to stop there on my way home. First Popeye’s left the Framingham rest area then Auntie Annie’s left. There is a Popeye’s in Brockton and Chicopee but both are a bit of a drive just for some good chicken nuggets. There is a Auntie Annie’s at the Natick Collection , I think?
These hot dogs have me waxing nostalgic for my favorite junk foods. I have not had dinner yet tonight and my stomach is growling I am going Post Road Pizza to get the " best damn meatball sub" in Marlborough.

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