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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Are women bad drivers

Friday I stopped to let some one pull out of a side street there was a red light with six cars in front of me and this BeeOTCH in a Acura beeps at me and then starts to pass on the left to get in front of me . I moved forward and left her illegal passing ass in the oncoming traffic. After she got back into the lane and the light turned green ,I was in the left turn lane and she went into the right lane to try and pass I would not let her, BeeOtch. SO now she is stuck behind me on the 495 on-ramp before we get to the end she goes over the median and passes again into the fast lane. If she had the Handy dandy traffic info like my phone she would have stayed in the slow lane. about a minute later I pass her in the middle lane because the fast lane has become a parking lot due to an accident about a mile up the road. I wave and smile.
The day before on the mass pike off-ramp to 495 a woman won't allow me to merge she was driving a Toyota Matrix. I am on the right and she is on the left I have my signal on even and the ramp traffic is only moving on at about 1-2 miles an hour . This BeeOtch won't let me merge. Finally I start inching left and the only way she is gonna get past me is to hit my car. WHen we get to 495 she passes me ,on the left but in my lane and beeps at me. again she ends up getting stuck in the rt.9 exit traffic.
I was once hit by a women and when the police showed up her excuse was " his car was in the road" . Yeah that is where cars belong. Meanwhile as I am in my car wating to turn left. I could see this women putting on her makeup while she was driving. A little helpful hint for the ladies-WE CAN TELL WHEN YOU PUT YOUR MAKEUP ON IN THE CAR. Oh and if you looked anything like the women in the car that hit me , the guys that make the makeup are technicians not magicians. There is no amount of trowelling that is gonna take away the ugly.
Bottom line -Get up earlier and put on your makeup so your not all bitchy when you are gonna be late for work. Lipstick all over your teeth and nose from me,the guy in front of you, that is jamming on his brakes is noticable and funny.

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