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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

panera bread (marlboro)

Girl watching at Panera is definitely different then Starbucks. There are a lot of girls from the local office. They are a little heavier but most not in a bad way. They are shapely, less of the surviving on coffee and cigarettes type. These women eat lunch.I guess the new gym is also attracting some cuties. I am trying to figure out what is up with the women in all white and cotton outfits. They keep walking in from next door. No men in white only women.

So if anyone is actually reading my rambling post about girl watching . My real idea is to Travel across the country in a corporate sponsored car , shooting with a corporate sponsored camera, and uploading on my corporate sponsored phone. If you want to sponsor me you know where I am.

Donations toward my dream are also appreciated. Doesn’t need to be Money. Cameras , Memory cards , Laptop computers any of the necessary traveling items. Jack Kerouac ,I definitely am not.

Ok do we have models in Marlborough because this girl outside is unnaturally tall and attractive

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