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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Starbucks ( route 9 eastbound westborough shopping center)

Maybe it is the size, or maybe it is the time but this starbucks is hopping. People coming and going Adults getting out of work . young girls getting out of Pilates and I have to tell there is an energy here. The guys behind the counter are fun. They are greeting everyone Making small talk, singing and generally keeping people entertained. If i were going to work at a Starbucks this would be the one. Now that it is spring time the strappy shoes and wedge sandals are out in full force. Do men like it obviously we do or else girls would not put themselves through the discomfort of wearing them.

Back to the photography side of my Blogging.

Calling all commercial photographers I am looking for those unwritten rules of the studio like no front lighting glass. Watch hands at 10:12 and if there is a joining page watch hands at 4:39

Jello in the clear glasses instead of soda, spackling for frosting.

I guess not just photography secrets but styling secrets.

It is now 5:25 and the afterwork crowd has definitely started to appear. The postoffice guy and his friend, The older business gent trying to be hip hanging at the coffee shop. The woman who thinks her clothing are "cool " in the office. the peron writing and reading ( too old for college english , but he loks cool writing in his notebook) .

There she is middle aged housewife wearing leather trying to get the young guys to look, they are. But the I look like the female doctor from scrubs has you beaten as soon as she walked in all eyes went to her. She looks tired and unlike the leather lady has no inclination to be looked at.

Then there is the guy like me walking through the door . He should probably be dressing better so he is taken seriously but he is wearing jeans a thermal and a t-shirt over it . Okay bad thing necklace with the leather string. A little too I’m 25 for a guy hitting his forties.

Time too pick up the nephew again. I need a social life

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