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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I go to Panera too often they should pay me(Marlborough, Massachusetts)

Maybe some day they will sponsor me and I can go o all their restaurants/cafes in the area.

I know this Blogg is suppose to also be about photography, maybe when someone gives/buys/donates to me a decent digital camera. I can separate out this . and make it 2 diferent blogs but for now it would be a little too much work for me.

I am at Panera again . I wasn’t feeling well this morning and called in to work. I really need to get another doctor. I just don’t like this guy. How do you choose though . Picking a Dr. is like going to a new restaurant. Youu look but you never know what you are getting until after it is too late.

Back to Panera, tried their new breakfast sandwiches . They are alright . The bread was tasty but the egg was a little undercooked and the sausage was pretty much flavorless.I hate adding salt and pepper to anything unless I have already tried it. I guess next time it is back to the standby french toast bagel. The french toast bagel is awesome.

There is an employee here working by the sandwich making area. She has been talking literally since I sat down not a single pause for more then 30 seconds. It is pretty amazing since she has absolutely said nothing. I am sure her coworkers must get a little bored with her.

. Oh well I have other things that MUST get done so maybe I will get back to this later if anyone is actually reading this THANKS

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