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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Who goes to Starbucks Sunday afternoons

So here I am . My current Internet connection ( the neighbors wifi) is spotty at best and logging in to my T-Mobile account by phone is not the fastest thing in the world so I have d decided to treat myself to a late breakfast sandwich at Starbucks . Ham egg and cheese, I recommend it.

A lot of girls 18-25 have come in none staying . Currently a couple both attractive have just walked in . She has the ass of an 18 year old but looks to be about 40-ish . I am guessing good genetics.

Next two me two men are arguing about god's will. and the province of god . Being a good atheist/Buddhist. I would love to jump in but feel I would get trapped in a conversation that obviously can't t be won. God and Politics , if you wanna get of conversation in a hurry these are not the things you should talk about.

So I should also find some other Blogs to link to . I love Odd Todd and will add a link .

Ok , There is a coffee drinking ,great ass conspiracy. Two women just walked in one in her 20's the other in her 40's and you would swear from the back they were sisters. Does the Starbucks coffee rearrange the fat cells to give you a great ass because the girl at the laptop near me just got up guess what. My girlfriend works in Boston goes to Starbucks a lot ,but she works out a lot, has a great ass. I shall continue observing.

Other women messy hair leaning against the counter hip Kicked out almost posing. Ok right after 2 old women but I think I am only going to count women 18 to 60 If you are 85 out getting Starbucks you can look however you would like.

Maybe its the shoes. The women with great shoes tend to have the best bodies is there a correlation to how much you spend on shoes to how cute your butt/body is. Again girlfriend spends money on shoes . The Women walking in with beat up Chuck Taylors and Birkenstocks not so attractive.

Gucci hand back and low strappy heels ,mmmmm, Yeah.

Ok I am still here 2 1/2 hour later apparently attractive women are early risers . who would have known. My girlfriend does get up at 5:00 am every day. Early to bed early to rise buy strappy shoes and you will have a very nice Arse . Ok it is not a good rhyme or limerick ,but I am trying.

Ok I have been here almost 3 hours the post lunch crowd has long gone and the Pre dinner crowd is on there way in More of a Family oriented crowd . Younger kids and parents . The younger women passing by all have perfume on and there hair is combed I guess they have places to go .

I guess the single girls that don't eat dinner show up around 5:00 . Flat shoes perfect waist length auburn hair and the face of a model. The coffee is probably her her 100 calorie dinner for her 600 calorie day.

Ok time for me to go.

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