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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Men Pen

My first impression of cosmetics for men was that they were only for photoshoots or for on Television. That the only reason to uses cosmetics were for vanity or commercial purposes.. That changed when I saw a little bit of red on the side of my face. I said something to my girlfriend but she told me " Don' worry about it, it will go away". Well it never did .
I looked around many places and even went with my girlfriend to Dept stores. Yes the cosmetic people there will sell you product and put it on you to show you it works but it is fairly expensive.I went with her to drug stores but unless you know what you are buying there is no way to test the products. So that was a no go.
It is just rosacea, but I really dont like having the blemish. Recently I noticed there was a product for men, The Men Pen. I really didn't like the idea of going in to a store and trying or buying womens makeup. This was my perfect solution. There were 17 shades so you match your skin tone and I got one that was a little darker for the summer.They guarantee a color match so there are no shopping worries. It is simple and I feel more confident. The last thing you think of as a man is someday I will be wearing makeup, the great part about this product is it can be ordered online although some stores do carry it, so people never even know. I hope other men with skin issues order this product. It will definitely make you feel better.

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