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Friday, October 24, 2008

Location: Starbucks ( Solomon Pond Mall, Marlborough Massachusetts)

So although I am generally at a Starbucks and usually in the Marlborough/Hudson area . I have never went to the Solomon Pond Mall location to log on to the internet. It is fairly busy at roughly 2:00 in the afternoon. There is a mix of mall employees, housewives and probably a few commuter college students( Worcester is close enough) . Last time I was her this Starbucks was arranged a little differently, there were more soft chairs upfont near the windows it was a little better for people watching in the mall because it allowed a bi-directional view of the midway( like a carnival). There are 3 very busy employees here. they all seem to have 3 . I guess that is SOP for Starbucks ( 1 Management, 2 worker bees. I am guessing) . There are a few attractive women milling about . I don’t think I have a type .I don’t like gigantic women as far as weight but there are some heavier women that are well proportioned.This Starbucks is right in front of the chair massage place that every mall has now. I wonder if any of these places ave their licenses. In Marlborough the regulations are pretty tough to get licensed. This place also does regular massage upstairs. I don’t think town health depts are too strict about these things unless somebody complains.So this massage guy has been giving this chair massage for about 15-20 minutes now and his hand is on her ass steadying her as he does he lower spine. I can honestly say my ass has never been grabbed during a chair massage. It is not as nice as hers but I am offended by every female therapist that hasn’t grabbed my ass if this is standard procedure. Now he is pressing his groin against her as he massages her arms. Interesting procedure.

Here comes the 2:30 break crowd. I am glad for the most part that tight jeans have made a comeback. Next thing Big hair. There is always one WOW girl that comes walking in and here she is . perfect body just under 5’6" when she is waiting she lifts her foot out of her shoe . and she walks like she has a too tight mini skirt on even though it is long and loose. and right after her a fashionable asian girl. The cuties are a flowing. The always hip I am wearing my winter jacket with the hood up girl has just arrived. Every mall has one most of them don’t have the cute tiny butt this one had though . Mostly those hood up types are fat, hot topic wearing , I wanna make myself uglier than I already a so I don’t have to lose the weight girls who turn into . I am still goth and relevant at 45 women. You all know at least one person like that . HAHAHA she has just walked in wearing a scarf wrapped around her neck like it is a Keffiyeh. Ooh too hip and the nosering wearing , thin ,long sideburn , ICP listening boyfriend. Yeah daddy did something to her trailer park Huge ass to think that outfit and guy are normal.

Oh , well time to head home and go to work . I at ,at least , got the information on how to reset my cars check engine light. You gota love that internet.

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