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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Starbucks ( marlboro,westside ,rt 20)

There is nothing worse than going somewhere to relax and there are two very overweight women talking about where to get discount workout clothes and sitting with them are two screaming children who they could care less about. There is a McDonald's right next door . Could these women be a little less selfish and allow there kids some playtime. On top of all that they left a giant mess all over the tables and floor.

I have been here for nearly an hour only one other woman has been at this Starbucks, Ok now there are two , making me a big fat liar . One is somewhat attractive . a little bit of a big butt , she knows how to cover it with what she is wearing.

I was at Bruegger's Bagels this weekend , they have free WiFi there I may have to try them out for my people watching. I cannot believe it is just past 12 O'clock this waking up early thing does make you more productive.

What the previous girl was over endowed with this girl has nothing her body goes from waist to the tiniest butt Ive seen in a while. If she was not wearing the severe High heels she probably would have nothing at all.

They must have more of a lunch crowd here there have been a few OK women showing up for their afternoon caffeine. yup at least 5 lunchtime hotties have shown up. I have been here too long One last check of the email then it is time to go.

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