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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

a new Starbucks to visit( natick Sherwood plaza)

It is a busy Starbucks probably because BJ’s wholesale clubs main office is right behind here .there seems to be a lot of regulars and young girls out shopping.

There are a lot of Asian and eastern European women in the Natick area. There is something strangely attractive about those Czech girls and there bobbed hair cuts.

Every once in a while a girl/woman walks in and someone should have told her , Ahem " that dress is a little short. " Especially if it is a button front. it is definitely not something you can walk up stairs with or sit down comfortably. without "exposing yourself to the public"

Also genetics, How can this thong wearing 20 something have a perfectly round ass. she must be at the gym 7 days a week doing lunges. I do love the summertime.

The woman Karen that I work with KNOWS she has an amazing body that men stare at. Do all women. Just walked in a tall blond extremely busty,fitted shirt and high heels with the pants long enough to cover them so she must wear heels all the time. She is a definitely a woman who causes a lot of car accidents . I know if I were driving I would definitely have rear ended the car in front of me by now. She actually has the same Jawline and nose as Karen. Maybe she is related . Maybe she is just Irish or Scottish. I guess there is a whole Clan of tall Irish hotties out there. The McHottys .

It is now 3:30 and this Starbucks crowd is dying out.

A young girl just walked in with her boyfriend. I am sure her mother doesn’t know she owns the dress she is wearing at the moment. It was definitely one of those let me see what you bought at the mall dresses that was left in the car to bring in later.

I think this is my girlwatching Starbucks. They just keep coming in and this one just came over to put cream in her coffee and she is wearing perfume that makes me dizzy( in a good way)

Yes I am looking for jobs in between my exciting girl watching

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