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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

4 people with computers and something weird. the girl who parked next to me at Panera and just ran in to use the bathroom was pulled in and parked next to me at Starbucks , What are the odds. There are also more attractive women that come here . Lots of skinny attractive brunettes ,4 including the accidental stalker.Make that 6 and these 2 with sun dresses. Sometimes heavy girls can be very proportional. A Marilyn Monroe-esque blond just came in . what a great body.

Yes I have been posting lots of resumes while I am girl watching. But it is the end of summer so there won't be a lot of tank tops and sundress's left

5 hotties are now in a coffee holding pattern 3 brunettes 2 blondes all cute

Maybe it is time to go somewhere else i have been here about 2 hours.

I am still PISSED at T-Mobile long story for another time.

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