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Friday, July 25, 2008

Borders(Marlboro mass)

So here I am again . There is actually some one I work with sitting in front of me but mainly my goal this weekend is to get off my ass , get a sponsor. I am think Sam Adams.Does the fact that I dont drink represent a conflict of interest. I don’t think so . The whole Idea of my project involves driving . To advertise for a beer company and not drink alcohol is about as responsible as it gets. I think the hardest parts will be getting the car and the airstream camper that I want.


Is that the coolest camper you have ever seen. As soon as they announced it I wanted one and I don’t even like camping. I think I would like the car to be one of those Subaru mini trucks. Which I just went online and looked and they don’t make anymore. The second choice is a Toyota Urban Runner. If anyone from Toyota see’s this ,Call me.

There was a really hot girl walking around. But you all know me from my previous post .Too shy to talkBlogger Labels: , , , , , , ,

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