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Saturday, April 12, 2008

People at Seattle's best coffee ( marlboro)

So as I write and hopefully soon take pictures of life and how we live it , I find myself at Seattle’s best coffee. I have just dropped my nephew off at the Mall. I hang out a lot at coffee shops for somebody who is not a coffee drinker. The cute girl next to me, probably a college student, on her apple computer is packing up. Don’t get me wrong I like Apple but kid’s today buy em because they see them on tv not for what they do but because of really really good advertising.

what kind of people are at the coffee shop today .

An overweight couple reading cookbooks,a teacher grading papers, a single woman reading at one of the tall tables, A parent with what will probably be three annoying children.

There is something I don’t and have never understood. hopefully someone will be ble to explain it to me. Why does Border’s allow these people to essentially steal books ?? Once someone has read a book or magazine and put it back with its ruffled dogeared pages nobody is going to want it. It will be the orphan book . If it is the last one surely the customer will ask if they would order a new one for them. The magazines will be returned , probably to the wrong spots or left on the table. When the magazine vendor comes around he will tear the front cover off and trash it . I believe there should be a fee if you are going to take books from the borders side into the cafe. This is not a library and the last I heard Borders Book stores were still in the business of doing business.

Okay really hot girl at the counter have to stop from my rant to stare. Blonde 5’9" not really model material because she is about 20 lbs overweight but she would look good in a swimsuit and has definitely been to the gym doing lunges.

I would love to get a very discrete web cam for this . I don’t even know if it is possible to post videos to this blog. I guess through a link to Flickr or Youtube it may be possible. If anybody knows I would really like some input.

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