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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

At Starbucks ( southboro, massachusetts rt.9 eastbound)

3 places in 1 day . I think that is a record for me. I need a food critic/cafe critic job. This Starbucks is about 5 times larger than the one in westboro. I guess they get a big crowd from the business next door and the pampered Southborough wives. SO far haven’t seen any of them in here yet . I’m sure they go to the little gym next door then they pop in and get there coffee.

The business women are slowly coming in. Maybe next door there is a 3 o’clock break. There is now a group of cookie-cutter cubicle kids.

Cute but unprofessional business suit Woman/girl is looking for a seat. Actually I think she is looking for plug( this is not a double entendre)

Chivalry is not dead a man just gave up his table for her.That is a big rock on her finger . I guess those tight fitting slightly unprofessional business suits must have worked. I don’t know what it is about a woman who crosses her legs but keeps the crossed leg in motion, nervous energy ,whatever. It keeps an already sexy ass in constant motion while she is still sitting. Is it just me or is that incredibly sexy ?

I was thinking this Starbucks would be as busy and as fun as the Westborough one. It isn’t the guys working there definitely have an energy. It is liking going to Moe’s for Burritos, but the workers aren’t greeting you because they have to . They are saying hello because they honestly enjoy their jobs.

A girl just came in one of her friends should have told her " that skirt is HORRENDOUS" maybe girls don’t tell each other so that they can look better when they are in a crowd.

I had a business idea . Shopping consultant for women. Men/I would be better then their freinds because I as a male have no preconceived notions. I know what loooks good to a guy and that is what is most important isn’t it, that the outfit looks good to her but more important, that people ( men ) think the outfit looks good.

They are breeding them tall on this side of town there have been at least four women in the last ten minutes that are at least six feet tall .

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